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The photos that tenants see will greatly define whether they book your place or another. They are the best way of showcasing how great your property is and prompting them to choose it. Here are some tips to make the most out of your photos.

Video by RODNAE Productions from Pexels.

Shoot during the morning or early afternoon. Open your curtains and take advantage of natural light and colours. Use flash only if necessary, but avoid excessive light.

Because photos on our website are displayed in landscape format, avoid vertical photos or pictures showing too much of the ceiling, as…

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Travel is getting cheaper and cheaper all the time. But, if you don’t have the right information, the deals, promotions, tips and tricks might pass you buy. There’s plenty of ways to cheat the system. Here’s a few you might not know about.

#1. Fly — Don’t be a slave to the land.

It feels like there’s a certain purity in never taking a plane when you’re backpacking. There isn’t. Sleeping on trains and busses may feel more authentic, but, flights are often more efficient and can even be cheaper.

You don’t have infinite time, make the most of it. Here are the top cheap flight websites to hit up:

Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

It’s that time of year again… the dreaded exam season. You’ve tried to study at home but those endless all-nighters and coffee breaks have just turned into long periods of procrastination. There’s no need to worry though, we have come up with a list of amazing cafes and places to study in Porto, away from all the distractions and where you can spend an entire afternoon hitting the books. These super cosy places will make you want to get out your highlighters, catch up on your readings and look over your notes.

1. Moustache Coffee House

Moustache is a trendy coffee house located right…

Launching yourself out into the world on your own is often overwhelming. Let’s be honest, we all struggle with the move.

It’s no wonder you feel fuzzy. But you’re not alone. Uniplaces in partnership with writer Julie Petersn put together 7 reasons why feeling lost may lead you to be more successful in life.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Transition is part of life, but here’s the thing that’s in your favour: if you feel lost and bewildered now and are able to overcome it. You’re far less likely to have a similar crisis in your life when you are older.

Not knowing what you…

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

When studying abroad, you want to make the most out of your experience. School is, of course, very important and your timetable may be packed with classes. But there are plenty of thing to do during your free evenings, the odd free morning, and everyone’s favourite time of the week — the weekend. If you’re going to study abroad in Rome, make sure you make the most of it! To help you, local Italy Travel Expert The Roman Guy has created the ultimate Study Abroad Bucket List for Rome. Check it out!

Take a day trip to the Castelli Romani

When you think of small Italian towns, many…

Erasmus is one of the best experiences you can live as a student. But what about before Erasmus? The journey starts back home! You begin to feel it as soon as you start preparing everything required. In fact, it can take quite a bit of time to get it all ready.

We figured a soon-to-be Erasmus student faces around 8 challenges and we’re offering you some pro tips to ensure everything goes smoothly so you can make the best of your Erasmus.

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

1. Choosing the destination

So many opportunities, so many possibilities! Choosing your destination can be as exciting as it is stressful. After…

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Europe’s a pretty big place, and it’s home to some of the world’s top universities; not to mention some of the most exciting cities a student could hope for! But how on earth do you choose which country, which city, or even which university is right for you? Well, we’ve done the leg work for you and pulled together the most popular degrees for international students from educations.com.


Interested in southern Europe and the Mediterranean climate? Or even just love the idea of breaking up your day with a siesta? Barcelona is a city that has a lot to offer

Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash

So, you’ve made the decision to go spend some time abroad but you haven’t been able to decide where to go just yet? After all, there are so many interesting countries and cities in Europe alone and each would give you a completely different experience. If you’re looking to live in a country a little off the beaten track but with the beauty of France and Italy, the yummy food of Spain, yet with the price of Eastern European countries, then Portugal might be what you’re looking for. …

Everybody knows that when you study or work, you have a lot of things to do and little time to do it, so everything that can help make your life easier is welcome. Especially if it’s free! In this article, we’ll share with you some of the best apps and tools that can be found for free that will help you organize yourself better.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

1. Google

From Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, to the amazing Google Keep and Google Scholar — which narrows the research down to academic journals — and many more. The services that Google offers are often free

Photo by Toms Rīts on Unsplash

The European Commission proves an abundance of opportunities for young people to travel and volunteer abroad, the Erasmus+ Projects. The opportunities range from two-week youth exchanges, training courses and long-term volunteering projects through EVS (European Voluntary Service).

All of these Erasmus+ projects are funded by the EU. They provide a way for European youth to learn about other cultures, meet people and volunteer. But also, debate and find solutions for societal issues. Here are some of the main reasons for you to join one of these projects too:

1. It’s affordable

Since the Erasmus + projects are funded by the European Commission, then…


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